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SINCE 1982

It Starts with a Strong Foundation

Bottorff Construction is a commercial concrete company founded in 1982 by Mark Bottorff. In the beginning, Bottorff Construction was built for the residential market where setting foundations, installing sidewalks, and completing driveway replacements was their expertise. In year two, commercial work was already underway as Bottorff Construction had contracted their first commercial project that included the complete concrete package at a new McDonalds restaurant in Atchison Kansas. The company soon developed it's reputation for hard work, top-quality, the ability to meet schedules, and ultimately customer satisfaction that still shines through today. 

During the 80’s, although still working the residential market, Bottorff Construction continued to bring in more and more light commercial projects and was offering complete foundation & flat-work packages, along with all site-work. Increasingly sought after, Bottorff Construction grew rapidly in these years to meet the demand.

Bottorff Construction continued in the residential and commercial markets, but also expanded their experience in the 90's by performing work for agricultural customers. During this time Bottorff Construction continued to invest in its people and the business to provide more offerings, which now included a Somero 240 laser screed and a laser guided grading system for the Cat D4. This forethought and investment set the company further ahead and able to take on increasingly larger commercial flat-work projects. 

After September 11th in 2001, the economy slowed and so did the commercial and residential markets. Although still performing work in those markets, it was the agricultural one that was on the rise. Increasingly being called upon by agricultural customers, Bottorff Construction began taking to the road more in order to meet the demand. With Mark Bottorff's experience as a pilot, it allowed him to travel swiftly to secure and closely monitor the company's multiple projects that were now cast throughout several states in the Midwest. Bottorff Construction continued through the decade on a historical growth trend in all three markets; well diversified, experienced, and ready for the next project.

In 2006 after having worked over many summers and school breaks, Mark’s son Justin joined the company full-time after graduating from Kansas State University (KSU) with an Architectural Engineering degree. His daughter Jordan, who similarly worked over school breaks, joined in 2007 after graduation from KSU with a degree in Business Administration, accompanied with minors in Economics and Community Planning.

In December of 2012, Mark Bottorff and Bottorff Construction recognized 30 remarkable years of business; Mark‘s passing came shortly thereafter.

Today, Bottorff Construction is a second-generation commercial concrete company with its headquarters in Atchison KS and with additional offices in Olathe and Topeka KS to better serve its customers. Primarily performing commercial work on various sized projects throughout NE Kansas and the Greater Kansas City region, the company can still be found on industrial and agricultural projects as well. Having specialized in concrete construction since its founding, Bottorff Construction has the team with the extensive experience to see any project through.